Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Book review of Artificial Gravity

About the Book

Geologist Alex Cave receives an urgent message about an unusual geologic event in Iceland, and descends deep into the lava tube of an ancient volcano.
He discovers a 180-million-year-old alien artifact of incredible power, but before he can take it to a safe location, it is stolen and activated, and begins changing the orbit of the moon.
He must also deal with the kidnapping of his live-in girlfriend and her ten-year old daughter, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, a massive emerald asteroid with a core of solid gold is on a collision course with Earth and will impact in six-days.

My Review

The world of cosmos has always fascinated me and till date keeps me in the hunt to read new discoveries that are happening in our solar system and beyond.

This is the only world where your imagination is more important than your knowledge and every time you look into space there is something new happening ironically speaking something might have happened some million years ago and we see or discover it today.

Alex Cave series is just an incredible testament to the cosmological world, which breaks the boundaries of imagination and takes you to a world where the impossible happens and you bear witness to the fascinating world that is unrevealed.

Alex a geophysics teacher is called to Iceland to look into the gravitational changes that makes molten lava fly out of a volcano. How can such a thing happen and who can be behind that?

Alex leaves to find out the mystery and the as you keep on reading you will find out the adventure that follows.

On other part of the world Alex has a beautiful girlfriend Fala and her daughter, Halona and a dog Barney. Due to the adventurous nature of Alex he is constantly on the move around the world to solve the next mystery. Fala doesn’t like this adventure junkie and is irritated when Alex moves out of town or in fact country to solve the mysteries of the world.

Torn apart between his love for solving the mysteries of the world and his love for Fala he has to choose either of the both. And it is going to be a tough task!

The story illuminates the life of Alex and his emotion that forces him to choose between love and profession, this story will make enlighten you about the mysteries of life and how should you deal with your own life.

Nevertheless there is a gravity machine that is causing all the havoc and moreover it has changed the orbit of moon. And two villains Essex and Janice Sloan are behind the gravity machine where they wish to make a fortune out it. Their irresponsible behaviour and the lust for money have caused the upheaval on earth.

Alex does all he can to stop the madden gravity pull of moon towards the earth and to safely dispose the gravity machine, when a new problem comes into picture and Alex and his partner Okana have to use the Gravity machine to save Earth from the danger that is fast progressing towards the Earth.

What is that is going to damage the Earth and how vastly will it affect Earth, keep turning the pages to find out what happened next?

Incredible piece of story and filled with raw emotions and the need to the Earth over loved ones makes Alex a true hero. What will happen when the entire ordeal is over? Will Alex move on with Fala or will he be the adventure junkie he is?

The sequel of the book will reveal the facts!

Hoping to read the sequel soon and honestly speaking it was that kind of book that I didn’t want to put down until I have read it to the last page.

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