Thursday, 16 February 2017

Book Review of Puzzle of Fate

My review

The book asks you a question like

“Is your fate predetermined or

Can you change it?”

Well it is a pretty tough job for anyone to answer it. The next second I was thinking like, how can I change fate? Is it even possible even if I do, won’t it be called as fate?

How can we be sure about fate and I was all geared up to find the answer for the question. The pages that followed had quotations on fate or destiny as you call it.

I loved the quotes and those are really inspiring and will change your attitude towards life for sure. Incredible stuff!!

But as I moved ahead in the quest of finding the answer, I was disappointed with the fact that instead of inventing a new way, the author chose to elaborate the ideas, factors and sub factors that are related to a person’s fate.

The author has made a concept of “House of Fate” which will help you in better understand the fate and the factors relating to it.

From genes to environment to economic status of parents, to death in a society or pet to community to leaving one’s country. The author has elaborated a person’s life in details and how different circumstances affect a person mentally and psychologically.

I enjoyed a major part of the book about fate but I wished for the author to teach me the tricks of the trade to change my fate and propel my life in the way I did want, but it became as a Moral Science class for me and mostly I thought that it can replace Home Science class in colleges.

The book has so much to teach about a person’s life that you don’t need to read any other book about fate than this book. Superb work and an incredible effort by the author to describe Fate as he believed in!

About the book

Is your fate predetermined, or can you change it?
Written by a scientist and inventor with a PhD from MIT, "Puzzle of Fate" systematically fits together the myriad factors that build and shape the fate of any given person and provides a method for mapping the way to the best possible future-the Unique Summit.
Drawing on a wide range of disciplines to present a pioneering approach to self-discovery and self-improvement, "Puzzle of Fate" introduces the concept of the "House of Fate," a configuration of six interconnected groups of factors that, taken together, encompass the whole of human experience. The unique, science-based conclusion of the book is that fate is the logical outcome of interactions between these six groups of factors.
Grouped into the factors that individuals have no control over, those that allow limited control, and the one with reasonable control, these aspects of life are explored in great detail. Readers are then invited to make the most challenging and potentially valuable examination of their lives.
Through awareness of the six groups of factors as well as the concepts of Happiness and Quality of Life, readers are ultimately encouraged to manage their fates and reach their Unique Summit.

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About the author

Dr. A. Reza Kamarei earned a BS from the College of Nutrition and Food Chemistry in Tehran, an MS in food technology from Tehran University, and an MS and PhD in food science and technology from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at MIT.
He has contributed to a NASA-sponsored project at MIT for producing foods in space and held positions including vice president of bioprocessing operations at Angio Medical Corporation; leader of R&D department at Clintec Nutrition (Nestle-Baxter JV); and vice president of science & technology at Sabinsa Corporation.
Dr. Kamarei provides scientific consultation to food, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement corporations. He is an inventor and coinventor of numerous issued and pending US and international patents and the author of many papers.

Dr. Kamarei is the developer and founder of Dr. Reza GPS for Weight Loss, providing practical knowledge and tools to overweight individuals to personally manage their weight loss.