Sunday, 19 February 2017

Book Review of Someone to love

My Review

The best message that I received from the book is

“Do you know what I wish someone had told me?” Ma had asked.


‘That we all have very little time.’

“Live, don’t just exist.”

 The beauty and the elegance with which the author has described the scenes will keep you spellbound. I was completely immersed in the story and the intricate description of human feelings.
How can someone so elegantly describe the storyline touching the human emotions?

Hats off to the author for pulling out a brilliant story from her story reserve and thanks for sharing the book with the world!

The separation, hatred and staying far apart from the one you love and at the same time meeting your love after a decade. How does one stay away from the person you love for so long and the moment you see him so close to you, can you still stay away?

Ruchita Mishra has described what happens when the soul mates meet after such a brief period of time. Read the book to find out more about Athrav and Koyal, the two lovebirds of the story.

From being the best friends from school to strangers at latter part of their life, each having had gone though one’s turmoil of life, will it be easy to find the lost love or is it lost forever?

Someone to Love will take you in a journey of finding the true delicacies of life and how do you find your true love even though it is far from you.

I just wish the person I love can come back to me at some point of life and honestly speaking I would love to steal her for a moment and never return.

Long lost love! Can I or will I find her again?

Still searching for the one question where did I go wrong and did I really do any mistake proposing 

Can you please come back? Please!!

'I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.'

About the Book

Not everyone is lucky enough to find this kind of love. Koyal and Atharv are childhood friends. They are also soulmates. Confidantes. Kindred spirits. They are made for each other – only, neither of them seems to have figured it out just yet. As they grow into adulthood, they turn to each other in sorrow and joy, only becoming closer. But then one day, something happens and their rare friendship is cruelly transformed into something a lot like hatred. Atharv, scarred and hurt, fumes with anger, while impetuous Koyal presses the self-destruct button. 

Years later, just when they’ve both found peace within themselves, their paths cross again. And destiny, that strange creature, has a few tricks up her sleeve. Will these two ever forgive each other? Or have they already lost their one chance to find someone to love?

About the author

Ruchita Misra is a three-time gold medallist from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi and the author of the bestselling books Second Chance at Love, The (In)eligible Bachelors, for which she was awarded the Awadh Samman in 2012 and Can This Be Love?. She works in London and blogs at smilethesmile.blogspot.com

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