Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Book Review of The Remnants

My Review

Love stories that tear you apart and still make you fall in love with the story has the ability to change the way feel about romantic novels. Such is a story of two love birds Danny and Rose both young and in love long to be with each other for eternity, until fates decides otherwise.

Danny a young rebellious young man and as fate decides have to join the army as a consequence of the unfortunate incidents that lead him to be a part of the army and has to travel across nations to serve the interests of the motherland. Tired and heartbroken he wishes every war to be his last so that he can be with his love. The story has a twist and to find out what happens to Danny keep reading and under what circumstances he finally meets his love.

Rose on the other hand is a young housemaid trapped in a family heritage of serving the royals. But again fate has different plans for miss Rosie, she is thrown out of the her line of service and chooses a different career of being in service in a ship named SS Glorious that sails to various parts of the world. She still loves Danny but as fate has decided different path for both of them, how will she find the time take its toll and will they ever find each other in this big world.

Join W P Osborn in the journey where lives change in a flick of eyelids.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was the grammatical errors and typos. If I ignore that then it is a great book which describes the turmoil’s of war how lives can change when you are so far apart from your true love.

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About the book

The Remnants begins in Edwardian England and follows the story of Danny and Rose through their desperate struggle to hold on to their love - and their lives, during a time of momentous change. Danny Pulbrook is a handsome and rebellious young man. Born the bastard son of a minor royal and orphaned at birth he is determined to find a new life far beyond his "pre-ordained oblivion." His only way out - a forced enlistment into the army brings him to an inevitable confrontation with his own demons in the cauldron of the first world war. Rose Quayle is a beautiful and confident hazel-eyed housemaid who, like her mother and her mother's mother is employed in service at Meaford House - an expansive vice-regal estate near Tunbridge Wells. Like Danny she longs for a life beyond the tyranny of the rigid class system that defines her humble destiny. Their chance meeting becomes the catalyst that changes both of their lives forever. The Remnants spans four continents and is a true emotional rollercoaster. Told through the lives of two young lovers it's a legacy of love and loss, passion, despair and quiet redemption; the profound story of enduring human spirit amid the agony of chaos and devastation. ..... "Downton Abbey" meets "Atonement."

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